Alfonso Cuarón’s Venice-winning ‘Roma’ challenges definition of cinema distribution

Alfonso Cuarón's Venice Golden Lion triumph for Roma highlights innovative new Netflix approach - The Conversation UK

Fascinating to think how the face of cinema and all its forms is changing thanks to the disruptive model Netflix have so successfully rolled out in the past 2yrs of their productions. I agree to an extent with the notion that cinema belongs in a cinema theatre insofar as that affords audience members a different experience than they might have access to at home - mainly in sharing a movie-going experience as a group. Home cinema and all its various mediums, however, have already reached a point of production and hardware where audience goers are consuming a far larger amount of films in the comfort and quality of their own private screening/front rooms. I don’t think that’s a reason to make awards like the Academy or Cannes offerings even more elitist and exclusive than they have currently defined themselves but instead an opportunity to redefine their roles in them as leading the awards circuit of as inclusive and broad a definition of cinema as can be made. Ultimately if this doesn’t boil down to the sorry being told and how engaging and impactful it is whatever the genre, then surely all the star power and profit margins in the world don’t count for much anyway?